Lillian Michel offers a lovely take on NEXT EXIT for Glasstire.

…Not that the artists are advocating for erecting more monuments. They’ve deconstructing existing structures with a perceptive, humorous, and appropriately critical touch. Next Exit is an intelligent show that will likely linger in your mind when you drive away down Fabrication Street, pass the hideous new developments on the way to both I-35E and I-30, and face the skyline. “

Glasstire editors choose NEXT EXIT as their #2 pick in Texas, and film the Nov. 7 “Top 5” in the gallery

NEXT EXIT invites the “the best kind of critical conversation,” one that “Dallas deserves.”

D Magazine’s Natalie Gempel reviews NEXT EXIT

Gempel offers some insight into how Trey Burns, Harris Chowdhary, Finn Jubak, and Jonathan Molina-Garcia developed NEXT EXIT

Natalie Gempel includes NEXT EXIT in her list of “Gallery Shows You Need To Visit In Dallas This Fall,” in D Magazine

NEXT EXIT featured alongside exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Goss-Michael Foundation, The Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, and others.

Darryl Ratcliff reviews The Big Summer T-Shirt Show for The Dallas Morning News

Ratcliff, Special Contributor to the Dallas Morning News, writes that, “the shirts themselves are some of the most intriguing pieces of art you will see this year.”

The Big Summer T-Shirt Show #1 pick on Glasstire

Glasstire Editor-in-Chief, Christina Rees, and Publisher, Brandon Zech, chose The Big Summer T-Shirt Show as their #1 pick for the week of June 27, 2019, describing the show as “the true heart of summer group shows.”

See The Big Summer T-Shirt Show at ex ovo

Natalie Gempel urges D Magazine readers to see The Big Summer T-Shirt Show.

ex ovo identified in Dallas Morning News as one of three new galleries making a mark on the Dallas scene

Dallas Morning News Special Contributor, Chris Mosley, calls the programming at ex ovo, as well as Something Else and Cydonia Gallery, “some of the more surprising moments on the Dallas scene of late.”

William Sarradet reviews Material Intension for Glasstire

Sarradet calls Material Intension a group show brimming with ideas.

ex ovo opens at 414 Fabrication Street in Dallas

ex ovo opened on April 6, 2019 at 414 Fabrication Street in Dallas. The first exhibition, Material Intension, featured work by Kristen Cochran, Travis Iurato, and Leslie Martinez.

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