Apply to the Red Pegasus Citizen’s Council

Red Pegasus Citizen's Council
Red Pegasus Citizen's Council
The Omni is looking for participants and collaborators! We are soliciting applications from Dallas residents for the first Red Pegasus Citizen's Council. Collectively, we will curate graphics, visuals, and text to display on the Omni facade. Once enough responses have been received, the artist will reach out to responders to coordinate an in-person meeting.

As a microcosm of the diversity of thinking and demographics in the city, we are seeking to fulfill specific criteria. The council seeks the following:

- 80% female representation
- 60% POC representation
- High-school-aged teenagers active in their communities or interested in civic, activist, or progressive politics.
- Noncitizens, DACA recipients, and other members of the city holding a flawed citizenship status.
- Single mothers
- The working poor and those under the poverty line.
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