TCVCA presents LOCII+O

TCVCA presents LOCII+O @ ex ovo | Excerpt c/o Trey Burns & TCVCA

TCVCA presents LOCII+O

January 11, 2020 | 1 PM – Midnight

“The TCVCA, in collaboration with ex ovo, announces ”LOCII+O” a pop-up media installation and all day film screening. Designed to function in a mutually coordinated manner, the installation invites collaboration in the form of live collage, commentary, and video processing. In concert with these various points of entry and output, performer Matthew Maher acts as our guide through classic action films, exploring their tropes and ruminating on themes of the American landscape and its media apparatus. Special guests include Allison Klion, Tamara Johnson, Tino Ward, Zak Loyd, and you. Live cast was available on the Sweet Pass Sculpture Park Facebook page & the ex ovo website.


The TCVCA, the Texas Coalition Video Club of America, is a Project of the Audio/ Visual Council for the Arts. The organization has a long name but a simple objective; to provide audio/ visual services and facilitate and foster the creation of experimental audio/ visual works. TCVCA is a project by Trey Burns.”

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