Workshop: Self-Surveillance

December 15, 2019 | 2:00 – 4:00 PM
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ex ovo, in partnership with Carolyn Sortor’s exhibition common ground,  at the Meadows Museum is pleased to offer Self-Surveillance, a workshop with artists Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd. Clemmons and Lloyd will teach participants the basics of protecting their web security, including how to use privacy software like TOR, and how to harness personal data stored by online platforms. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and smartphones. Self-Surveillance is free, and accessible to computer-users of all technical abilities.

Carolyn Sortor
common ground
Presented at the Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Through December 15, 2019

With common ground, Sortor seeks to create a space for conversation about the hard and soft infrastructures that support and control our physical and virtual public squares, how they shape our individual and collective lives, and how we might come together to further our common interests and restore or re-create our public commons.  More at or email with “common ground” in the Subject.

Zak Loyd is a multimedia artist and educator interested in the mystical ramifications of archaic and contemporary video technologies. He works primarily in installation, performance, and network-based composition. He has exhibited work regionally and internationally at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Rhizome at The New Museum; Upfor Gallery, Portland; Casa Maauad, Mexico D.F.; and Videofag, Toronto.
ig: @zakloyd

Melanie Clemmons is a media artist interested in the effects of technology on society, culture, & the environment. She makes videos, net art, installations, & VR experiences. Clemmons toured with Pussy Riot doing visuals during their first North American tour & has collaborated on several of their music videos. Her work has been shown at, among others: HeK, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Gene Siskel Film Center, & Echo Park Film Center. She is an assistant professor at SMU in Dallas, TX.
ig: @auraquartz 

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