March 13 – April 6, 2021

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Ida Badal, Yellow Signal, 2021. Oil on panel,18 inches.

Have you ever seen a green flash?

Sometimes at sunrise or sunset, if you look out to where a wide and featureless horizon meets a clear sky, it can be possible, for the briefest of moments, to see a part of the sun change from red to vivid green, just before it dips beyond view. This green flash is visible only when conditions are right for two optical phenomena to occur simultaneously: the dispersion of sunlight through the earth’s atmosphere like a prism, and a mirage—an image inverted as rays of light bend to pass between media of different densities. The event itself is so fleeting— just one or two seconds—that you must attend to this perfectly conditioned sunset with heightened attention, or you might miss it. In this moment you experience a hum of static energy, encompassed by the tension between reflection, anxiety, and awe.

ex ovo is pleased to present Set, a solo exhibition of new paintings by the Los Angeles-based artist Ida Badal, opening on Saturday, March 13, with an extended reception from 12–6 pm. Set will be open Monday–Friday by appointment, with open hours between 1–5pm on Saturdays through April 6. Contact Allison Klion ( | 214.695.3753) for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

In her first exhibition with ex ovo, Badal attends to the passage of time through a selection of paintings and signs that combine geographies from personal and found photographs with interpolations of stark colored symbols which encode her landscapes with psychological cues connecting specific memories to collective experience. Badal’s paintings point to analogues of human and natural order, such as in Yellow Signal (2021), depicted above, in which light designed for caution on the road embodies the brightest signal for directing oneself. 

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